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The San Francisco Chronicle featured David’s book in “3 books on activism
to get you fired up over progressive politics, racism, worker justice.

David wrote an op-ed for The Hill, “Climate Change: A Communications

David was featured in the Los Angeles Times column, “Americans don’t care about climate change. Here’s how to wake them up

Featured Interviews & Talks

David joined Jane Fonda in conversation at SXSW to discuss climate communications and social justice.

Writers Bloc hosted David and Jane Fonda for a conversation about climate communications and social justice

David was a guest on Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen on Spectrum News

David appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

David was a guest on Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman (Free Speech TV)

David was a guest on The Damage Report (TYT Network)

David was a guest on Climate Changers with Ryan Flahive

David was a guest on A Climate Change with Matt Matern

David was a guest on Climate Change with Scott Amyx

David was a guest on News Nation

David was a guest on Afternoon Buzz with Buz Eisenberg

David gave a keynote at “Operation Sierra Storm” Meteorologists Conference, Tahoe, CA. Watch here

David discussed his book with Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication. Watch here

David was a guest on the Volts podcast in the episode “Lessons from a life in progressive PR

David spoke at the Ann Arbor Library about his book The Activist’s Media Handbook: 50 Years as a Progressive Agitator

David was interviewed by Andrew Keen for his podcast Keen On

David was a guest on Green Radio Hour

David was a guest on Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda

David was a guest on Podship:Earth

David participated in the Climate One podcast, “Selling the Science of Climate Change

David was a guest on linguist George Lakoff’s FrameLab in the episode “Survival

David spoke on “Climate Change Communications Failure & What to Do About It” at frank

David spoke at the Design for Social Innovation